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Welcome to the Skokie Amateur Hockey Association, established in 1983. The Skokie Flyers Hockey Club is committed to the ongoing development and promotion of competitive Tier II youth amateur hockey teams from the U8 to U18 age levels.

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    I know the lack of ice time is frustrating for all the players, but it’s a perfect time to work on off-ice activities to improve on-ice performance.  The kids have gym class and free time.  It’s a golden opportunity to train in ways they may not have before.  I recommend 30 minutes per day, rotating through different activities.

    Here are some Youtube videos that do not require any special equipment.  The players that build off-ice training into their daily routine will be much better prepared once our on-ice activities resume.


    -Coach Craig

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    The mission of the Skokie Amateur Hockey Association is to provide a youth ice hockey experience that engenders a love and passion for the game, focuses on fundamental skill development, and provides for positive team membership and competitive play.